For Sale: Unsexed Juvenile Crested Gecko – Bumble

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Bumble is an unsexed, juvenile harlequin crested gecko from our tricolor project, out of Bento and Tom Servo. Beautiful white portholes! Bumble is a possible tricolor – it’s difficult to predict in young geckos as the cream color tends to creep in with time.

Hatched on 7/14/2014. 3 grams as of 4/4/2015.

For Sale: Phantom Pinstripe Crested Gecko Pair

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We are offering these two as a potential breeding pair of grey “phantom” pinstripe crested geckos. These geckos have not yet been introduced to each other, but since they are unrelated and so similar in appearance we’d like to offer as a pair. The first four pics are of the female, the last three are of the male. They are very well-matched!

We acquired OperaMan as a juvenile in 2010 from AC Reptiles. Despite the name, she is 100% female! She has no spots and is 40.5 grams as of 4/4/2015.

Shrubbery is the offspring of Bastard and Abraxas as part of our pinstripe project. Hatched 10/17/12, he has a few scattered spots and is 31 grams as of 4/4/2015.

These geckos are not currently housed together so should be quarantined separately for at least 2 months. The male should be a little heftier at that time, to better match the female in size.

For Sale: Unsexed Juvenile Crested Gecko – Skora

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Skora is an unsexed, high-percentage partial pinstripe juvenile crested gecko from a cross between our pinstripe and tricolor harlequin lines. Skora is out of Auspice (Lucas X Bento) and Rhizome (Abraxas X Sienna) and is a sibling to a full pinstripe. If you are looking to breed pinstripes with high pattern, this little guy or gal would be a great addition to your collection!

Hatched on 9/25/2014. 2 grams as of 4/4/2015.

For Sale: Female Crested Gecko – Bastard

Bastard - Tricolor crested gecko from
Bastard - Tricolor crested gecko from
Bastard - Tricolor crested gecko from
Bastard - Tricolor crested gecko from
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Bastard is a harlequin, partial pinstripe female gecko we purchased from Jasper Sailfin Geckos as a juvenile in 2010. The first four pictures are recent as of April 2015 and the last two pictures above are older pics when she was a sub-adult. You can see her orangish-cast has faded to cream. She has a short tail, possibly due to tail nip.

Proven breeder who would work in multiple projects:

  • She has several spots, and her offspring tend to display spots as well – some are large “inkblots” so she would work well in a high pattern dalmatian project.
  • She has had one “phantom” pinstripe offspring (a male named Shrubbery) when paired to a standard pinstripe male.

41 grams as of 4/4/2015.

Top 5 WORST Reptile Substrates

Finding the right type of substrate, or bedding, for your reptile can be very difficult. Whether you are working with a tropical gecko or a desert lizard, it’s important to know what to look for. It has to be safe, free of dust, non-toxic, non-irritating, absorbent, and not likely to be eaten – or at least be passed through the digestive system if it is.

Some substrates that are good for one environment type are not necessarily good for another. Similarly, some bedding is good for one type, but dangerous for another. You need to know your reptile species!

When it comes to choosing a bedding, use common sense. Any brand of pet litter that advertises clumping or scoopable is going to be a problem – this includes corn cobs, clay litter, and any kitty litter, which often contains clumping agents like bentonite and silica. Things that clump will stick to tongues and get into food; once swallowed, they can wreak havoc on the intestines. Sharp particles can also get into the mouth or cloaca and cause irritation and infection. Skin irritation can also occur – although scales look tough, reptiles actually can have rather delicate skin. Pet litters are often very dusty and can cause respiratory issues.

Don’t use sharp rocks, such as un-sanded, rough lava rock, as decoration, and avoid stones and gravel altogether for bedding, as they don’t cushion falls for climbing reptiles and are not good for burrowing. You can use them for a drainage layer, but they can be heavy so be cognizant when putting together a naturalistic enclosure. Larger, smoother stones are best for decor.

There are many options when it comes to reptile enclosures. So while there isn’t always a definitive BEST substrate, there are some contenders for the WORST. Especially ones that are specifically marketed to reptile keepers despite known concerns voiced by hobbyists and vets.

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For Sale: Female Crested Gecko – RC #11

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RC-#11 is from our friend and local breeder Rob Clark of Four Peaks Reptiles. High-percentage partial pinstripe harlequin female crested gecko. 23 grams as of 1/24/2015.

For Sale: Unsexed Crested Gecko – Rumfort


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Rumfort is from our Tricolor project, this one is offspring from Awesome-O X Sienna. Reddish-brown coloring is a lot like mom (Sienna), with some interesting patterning from dad (Awesome-O). Light blueish eyes.