Stop the Python Ban!

Please take a mere 30 seconds to send an e-mail to your local Senators and tell them to NOT support S373 – the illusive “Python Ban”. It goes farther than just affecting so-called “harmful” snakes. The United States Association of Reptile Keepers states:

Please oppose S373 aka ‘The Python Ban’. It would by pass the accepted USFWS process for amending the Lacey Act and legislatively add 9 species of boas and pythons to the Injurious Wildlife list. If passed as written it would threaten a viable US industry producing high quality captive bred reptiles for hobbyists, research, zoos, TV & film, museums and fashion industry. The USGS report being used as justification for these draconian measures has been characterized by independent scientists as “unscientific” and “not suitable as the basis for legislative or regulatory policies”. Three independent studies have been published in 2010 that contradict the USGS report. I appreciate the difficulties Burmese Pythons may pose to South Florida, but it is a problem that is endemic only to South Florida and should be dealt with at the state level.

[Emphasis added]

Please read more at USARK and take a few moments to tell your Senators you are opposed to S373.

Great Local (and not so local) Breeders!

We had a great time (albeit brief) at the Phoenix Reptile Expo. Great turnout! Some really awesome breeders & vendors attended this year.

First I’ll start by showing off our newest friend – a female Ornate Uromastyx courtesy of Doug Dix @ Deer Fern Farms.

Uromastyx ornata

Ornate Uromastyx Female (8 weeks)

We said hello to a couple of local vendors as well. Not sure if all are Arizona breeders, but they sure are familiar by now! Chaotic Nights Reptile had some awesome crested geckos and leos, and they introduced me to some very cool looking red eye crocodile skinks!

Tiki Tiki Reptiles from Las Vegas were in attendance, as well as locals Arizona Reptile Center,  Reptiles & Reefs and Aaron Pauling (who comes down from Northern AZ to vend in our neck of the woods). Thanks to everyone who participated! Can’t wait until 2011! :)

Site in progress! :)

We’re currently working on the MVR site so excuse the mess. It’s been a good month so far. Our yellow tiger crested gecko breeding group is resting for the winter, and we’ll be reuniting them early in 2011. We’ve put our Pinstripe group together to see if a winter breeding season will allow us to incubate eggs at cooler temps, hopefully lengthening time until hatching – with the end result being larger, heavier babies with nice structure. We shall see!

We’ve also been putting together our Tricolor project, the males of which are still in quarantine, for late 2010/early 2011. The geckos in this group are gorgeous, and we’re very lucky to have snagged them.

More content is on its way! :)