New Repashy Products!

Head’s up! There are some new Repashy products available that will help out keepers in the herp & reptile community!

Here at MVR, we’ve been using Repashy products for years, from the Crested Gecko Diet (CGD) for our Rhacodactylus and Super Veggie dust for our Uromastyx. Allen Repashy is a leader in reptile nutrition, and his products have been used by hobbyist and professional breeders with great success.

For those managing colonies of insect feeders for their pets, some great new nutritional aids have been developed. Allen Repashy has been spending quit a bit of time in dart frog circles lately and one of the results of his excursions has been the development of the SuperFly Drosophila (fruit fly) culture media that features all the good stuff (vitamins, minerals & carotenoid pigment enhancers) from established Repashy lines! Suitable for both D. hydei and D. melanogaster fruit flies, and users of the new product report double or triple the output compared to homemade and commercial mixes, while the SuperFly media remains unstinky and evenly hydrated, no drying out. Additional reports mention that less media is needed than other products, with the benefit of maggot penetration more deeply into the SuperFly media. All around, this sounds like a great product in terms of less waste and high-yield!

You now have an all-in-one nutrition and hydration meal solution for crickets, roaches and other feeders with the introduction of Repashy Bug Burger. This gutload eliminates the need for providing both dry feed and standing water. If you’re happy with your current dry food formula, whether commercial or homemade, make sure your feeders are adequatly hydrated with Repashy Hydro Load. This water gel does away with the need to provide a water dish, which can dry out or become contaminated with wastes or algal growth. Additionally, it provides a gutload of calcium and magnesium for enhanced nutritional value.

There’s a new Repashy Vitamin A supplement for herps & avians that might be helpful to some of our animals with shed issues and certain eye problems. This is a standalone Vitamin A product containing both preformed Vitamin A (retinyl acetate retinol) and natural beta carotene, the retinyl Vitamin A precursors used by herbivores and omnivores. Hypovitaminosis A, the clinical term for lack of vitamin A, is sometimes seen in Dendrobate species and even pet birds. There is some debate over whether insectivores can process beta carotene effectively, or even at all, so it’s always good to use both options.