Moon Valley Reptiles is a name we chose due to the simple fact that both Shawn and Amy live in Moon Valley, a northern neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona.

We have kept a variety of reptiles, inverts, fish and mammals since childhood. Focusing on crested geckos currently, future plans include more rhacs and Uromastyx species. We have gone “herping” for scorpions a couple of times, but Amy is too afraid of running into rattlesnakes on warm desert nights!

Moon Valley Reptiles is currently working with Crested Geckos (Rhacodactylus ciliatus) and Ornate Uromastyx (Uromastyx ornata).

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15 thoughts on “About

    • Unfortunately, all of our proven females are either retired or currently breeding for us! Where are you located? We might be able to help, but we cannot currently ship in the summer heat.

  1. That was my son talking to you. There is no way we could Have it shipped to Sacramento California and just take a risk?

    • Unfortunately, it is a big risk, our temperatures are 115 during the summer. Also, we don’t currently have a proven, RTB female available at the moment.

      You might want to go to the the San Diego Reptile Super Show June 30th, or wait until the same show in LA in August. You will probably find a ton of ready to breed females there. In September there is a Sacramento show as well.

      Gecko Ranch is local to you, perhaps you can find what you are looking for with them, although they don’t specialize in cresties, they might be able to help you find one close to home!

  2. Hi! I have my heart set on getting one of these guys. i have a bull snake, Berdie, And a Wild caught Banded Gecko (Got it right here in Pheonix) ;)
    I was curious as to if you guys have a shop I can visit. I live in northern PHX, in peoria around northern and the loop 101. Im not ready to buy just yet I wanna see How the animals warm to me and make sure im gonna buy something that i will take care of. I have nearly everything i need for a set up except the enclosure itself, and was curious if you guys sell those too? Anyway cant wait to hear back from you thanks!

    • Unfortunately we don’t have a storefront at this time, everything is run from our home. If you have any preferences in color/pattern/age/gender we could bring a few over to you, however we don’t have that many for sale at this time! We recommend sub-adult males for first time crestie owners, they are more handleable but you can still watch them grow and develop into full adults.

  3. Hi, i have a crested gecko with me and im in utah traveling to Montana right now. Im afraid if i turn the music on it will be to loud and hurt his ears… how loud of noise ca they stand before it hurts there ears?
    I sound over protective -_-

    • I would try to keep the volume below what you would find too loud. Depends on the type of music. Sudden sounds might spook them and they could drop their tails. It could certainly stress them out as well. So keep it a little quieter than you normally listen to it.

  4. I used pine or cedar bedding for three of my snakes for about a month before I read it can be toxic. My snakes have stopped eating. Is there a cure or treatment I can use? Please Help me.

    • If you’ve changed the bedding, it may have disrupted their normal behavior and could take a little while for them to get used to it. Hopefully they weren’t exposed long enough for ill effects but it is possible. Good luck, I hope they are eating again.

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