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For Sale: Phantom Pinstripe Crested Gecko Pair

Price: $500.00 Out of stock

For live animals you *must* select FedEx Overnight Shipping

We are offering these two as a potential breeding pair of grey “phantom” pinstripe crested geckos. These geckos have not yet been introduced to each other, but since they are unrelated and so similar in appearance we’d like to offer as a pair. The first four pics are of the female, the last three are of the male. They are very well-matched!

We acquired OperaMan as a juvenile in 2010 from AC Reptiles. Despite the name, she is 100% female! She has no spots and is 40.5 grams as of 4/4/2015.

Shrubbery is the offspring of Bastard and Abraxas as part of our pinstripe project. Hatched 10/17/12, he has a few scattered spots and is 31 grams as of 4/4/2015.

These geckos are not currently housed together so should be quarantined separately for at least 2 months. The male should be a little heftier at that time, to better match the female in size.

6 thoughts on “For Sale: Phantom Pinstripe Crested Gecko Pair

    • Hi Alex! Yes, they are available, but it is currently too hot to ship. October would be when we could ship them out. We can put on hold with a 25% non-refundable deposit. You can check out our Terms of Service page for details. If you are local to Phoenix, Arizona we can meet up for a sale.

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