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For Sale: Unsexed Crested Gecko – Jabber

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For live animals you *must* select FedEx Overnight Shipping

Jabber is from our Dark Pinstripe project, offspring of Abraxas X Sienna. Jabber is not a full pinstripe, but has very high-percentage pinning. May retain the reddish brown coloring of mom Sienna, but seems to be losing it while growing. Hatched 8/8/2011 at 1.5 grams. 2.7 grams as of 1/29/2012.

15 thoughts on “For Sale: Unsexed Crested Gecko – Jabber

    • Sienna’s babies really do have some nice white crests and pinning when paired with our male Abraxas! Thank you for commenting. :)

    • Jabber is 2″ snout to vent and 3.5″ with tail. “He” is currently 2 grams. I’m not sure if he will keep these colors as he matures but he does take after his mom Sienna – rich reddish brown and white crests. I think his dorsal will stay creamy and tips of the crests stay white.

    • Unfortunately Jabber was sold a few years back. We don’t have any with his same coloration but we do have a number of partial pinstripes we will list after the holidays. Thanks for your interest!

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