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For Sale: Unsexed Juvenile Crested Gecko – Bumble

Price: $125.00 Out of stock

For live animals you *must* select FedEx Overnight Shipping

Bumble is an unsexed, juvenile harlequin crested gecko from our tricolor project, out of Bento and Tom Servo. Beautiful white portholes! Bumble is a possible tricolor – it’s difficult to predict in young geckos as the cream color tends to creep in with time.

Hatched on 7/14/2014. 3 grams as of 4/4/2015.

One thought on “For Sale: Unsexed Juvenile Crested Gecko – Bumble

  1. Hi! I’m intrested in your tricolour crested geckos, do you have any available gecko? I am from Hungary, so can you ship her to Hungary?
    Thank you for your answer

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