Curious about what certain morphs look like? Please enjoy these pictures of our crested gecko collection! Our gallery includes our breeders, hatchlings, juveniles, adults and sub-adults, some of which are available!

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  1. Hi, I just wondered if you could put what morphs the crested geckos are under the pictures? I am thinking of getting a crestie but new to them and un sure of morphs. I think I can tell what a Yellow Tiger, Flame, and a Dalmation are but that’s it!

    Or you could let me know in a message from L-R.

    Would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Laura! I have added brief morph descriptions that can be seen if you hover over the image, it should pop up. I hope this helps you and others learn about the different “morphs” for Crested Geckos.

    Just to clarify, most of the geckos pictured here aren’t for sell or have been sold. For a list of our available animals, check out :)

  3. I have two adult crested geckos one is bright orange and yellow the other is a verry pale lavendar but she has no markings . she just laid eggs . so I need some insight on the.spieces I would be verry greatfull thank you

    • Hi Sarah! What exactly do you need to know? How to care for the eggs? Do you have a male and female pair housed together? If so, they are likely fertile and you can expect hatchlings in 60-100 days, depending on how warm you keep them.

  4. This mor ing I noticed that my 11 month old crested geckos upper lip and nose had turned a bronzeish color and the scales on his head are speckled with tan scaled and darker scales. It wasnt like this before but I think it may just be like that because of him shedding and me not knowing. Could someone please respond and help me? He also hasent ben eating a lot but I always keep food and water in his tank.

    • It could be shed, or he could be rubbing his head on something in his enclosure. Is he housed alone? I have a lot of slow growers so I wouldn’t worry about him being small for his age, as long as he is eating and pooping.

      It’s starting to get darker and cooler in some areas, that can influence his eating habits. What do you feed? Have you done anything differently with his food? New product, new bag of food, etc? Sometimes adding variety can encourage eating.

  5. Yes he is housed alone I have no other reptiles.I feed him mealworms because its the only thing I can afford atm, But a few months ago I did try to feed him small crickets and he didnt want to eat them because he probably has never eaten them before.

  6. And the mealworms and crickets were small enough for him to eat but I usily only feed him mealworms. I keep about 3 or 4 mealworms in there a time untill they get eaten

    • I definitely recommend feeding him a properly balanced fruit diet, either homemade (more expensive, but doable) or a commercial product. We use Repashy, but there are a number of brands on the market. This could explain any issues he may be having with shedding, as a lack of vitamin A can cause skin and eye issues. Do you gutload and dust the mealworms?

  7. Hi, so I was looking t your two toned darker crested geckos, and I’m interested in buying. I was hoping to get some information, thanks :)

    • Hi Rachelle! At this time, we do not have any bicolors (I assume this is what you mean when you say two-toned). We currently have harlequins and pinstripes available. Let me know if you had something like that in mind!

  8. Hi I’m a new comer to reptiles. Ive owned a few turtles tho. But not lizards. Me and my gf want some baby crested geckos. Was just wondering what habitat and diet they require. And when will baby crested geckos be available for purchase?

  9. I’ve got a crestie and I feed him his day powder and do the occasional cricket calcium treat..but, this little guy wants crickets ALL the time! He chases anything that catches his eye and it has made me weary of putting my hands near him, as he will snap at my fingers outside his home..
    What can I do to make him less “edgy”?

    • Sometimes the best thing to do is satiate his hunger for bugs! Give him as many as he can eat within 30 minutes once a week. Once he gets his fill, he may start to settle down. Depriving them of live food can actually make them more likely to lunge at your fingers, water droplets, or shadows. Good luck!

  10. Hi there, I’m new to cresteds and just got my first baby this past Sunday at the reptile show in Clarksville Indiana, its such a tiny baby, and just needed advice on the powder food to feed to him? I don’t have repashy but I do have Pangea gecko food diet that’s watermelon and mango flavor, my baby hasn’t ate any and was just curious on what yr baby cresties eat the best?

    • Ours love the watermelon and mango flavor! So you’ve got a great food. They often don’t eat for a while when acclimating to a new home, so don’t worry about it. Just place freshly mixed food into the tank every other day and watch for poop, which is the best indicator of eating. Good luck!

  11. Also, my baby has eaten waxworms already for me but do you think that its ok to feed them to such a young crested? Hes/she’s only 2 months old.

    • Sure, insects are a great addition to the diet as soon as they are willing to take them. Don’t feed insects more often than once or twice a week (if they are feeding well on the crested gecko diet). Make sure to dust them with calcium & vitamin D3.

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