Here is a list of our past, current and future crested gecko breeding projects. Our breeders are generally housed together for the breeding season and the male is removed when the females stop laying and are “cooling”. Some of our males are compatible enough with particular mates that we can house them together year-round. Some of our female breeders don’t like company and get housed separately except for a few weeks during the breeding season.

Our crested gecko breeders are fed Repashy products, including Crested Gecko Diet along with bugs dusted with Calcium Plus to ensure proper nutrition for the females and the future hatchlings!

Crested Gecko Breeding Projects

Yellow Tiger Project

Our yellow tiger breeders feature good structure and vibrant yellow colors.

Pinstripe Project

Our pinstripe crested gecko breeders feature creamy dorsals with the aim to develop full pinstripe crests in the offspring.

Tricolor Project

Our tricolor crested gecko breeders are paired to bring out the delish combination of orange, black and cream – all in one gecko!


We just don’t know what will come from our odball pairings! Here are a couple of offspring from pairing Tigre to an olive flame and a buckskin, respectively.

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