Pinstripe Crested Geckos

In 2011, Moon Valley Reptiles began working with a variety of pinstripe crested geckos, including dark and lavender colors. We ended up with a couple of really outstanding babies. Eventually, we hope to merge our pinstripe lines with our Tricolor Project, to create 100% full pinstripe tricolors!

2014 Pinstripe Crested Gecko Projects

Our plans for pinners this year include Abraxas paired with 3 of our prettiest females. Bastard, a pinstripe harlequin; Liption, a tricolor harlequin with a very creamy back, and Opera Man, a lavender-grey “phantom” pinstripe.

Additionally, we have one of Abraxas’ daughters breeding if she makes weight this year! Rhizome will be paired with Ferris, a beautiful lavender-grey full pinstripe with great structure.

2011 Pinstripe Crested Gecko Babies

We hatched several high-percentage partial pinstripes and one full pinstripe in 2011 from our breeders. The offspring are looking good! Not all are available, several are holdbacks for future breeding. Check out our available pinstripe babies!

Rhizome - High percentage pinstripe crested gecko from
Rhizome - High percentage pinstripe crested gecko from
Oingo - Partial pinstripe harlequin crested gecko from
Oingo - Partial pinstripe harlequin crested gecko from
Ruffle - Pinstripe Crested Gecko from
Ruffle - Pinstripe Crested Gecko from

Pinstripe Crested Gecko Breeders

Check out our breeders and baby pics in 2011.

With our Dark Pinstripe Project, we want to have a dark base and a creamy, white dorsal pattern. Often, this color combination is referred to as “blonde” crested geckos. With our Lavender Pinstripe Project, we are focusing on the slate grey color often dubbed “lavender” as it does resemble a dark periwinkle when the gecko is fired down. Many of the top lavender crested geckos remain this color most of the time, intensifying the color when fired up.

Our star male, Abraxas, is central to both the dark pinstripe project as well as the lavender pinstripe project.

Lavender Pinstripe Crested Gecko


Dark Pinstripe “Blonde” Crested Geckos

The females we have lined up for Abraxas in this project have a dark base color that ranges from reddish brown to a dark chocolate.

Abernathy is a beautiful dark gecko from Gary Hamann at Ridge and Valley Reptiles.

Dark Pinstripe Crested Gecko Female


Tosca is a dark olive gecko from LLL Reptiles. She is a proven breeder from earlier this year with El Tigre.

Dark Olive Flame Crested Gecko Female


Sienna is a future breeder from an unknown lineage (PetSmart find). She has a reddish brown base color that fires up dark.

Dark and Cream Flame/Harlequin Female


“Lavender” Pinstripe Crested Geckos

The females we have lined up for Abraxas in the lavender pinstripe project have a nice lavender base color with orange accents.

Li’l Piggins is another female from AC Reptiles that has lavender and orange markings in a very bold pattern. Update: See hatchlings from her first clutch!

Lavender and Orange Crested Gecko Female

Li'l Piggins

Bastard is a lavendar female from Jon (JasperSail @ Pangea). She has bright orange patterning and cream portholes.

Lavender and Orange Pinstripe Crested Gecko Female


Other Pinstripe Crested Geckos

We are currently rearing up other pinstriped geckos that we may use in future breeding groups.

Lemon Party (don’t ask) is from AC Reptile’s crossover line “C2 Citrus Glow”, merging cream on cream with lemony yellows and orangey oranges. He’s also a full pinstripe!

Full Pinstripe AC C2 Citrus Glow Male

Full Pinstripe C2 Citrus Male

Aileron, courtesy of Designer’s Geckos, is another full pin male.

Full Pinstripe Crested Gecko Male

Aileron, Full Pinstripe Male

Ferris, formerly Powerdin, is also from Designer’s Geckos. A lovely full pinstripe, Ferris has quite a prestigious lineage! He is from Venus, originally bred from Pins X Uno of Ridge and Valley Reptiles fame. Pins & Uno are now in the care of JB’s Cresties. Ferris’ sire Zipper is from LAC Herps and contributed to the perfect dorsal pinstripe as well as lateral pinning.

Full Pinstripe Crested Gecko with Lateral Pinstripes

Young Ferris, with Lateral Pinning