Yellow Tiger Crested Geckos

2010 was our first year breeding and mostly our project focused on yellow tiger crested geckos. We continued the project in 2011 and 2012. We’ve gotten some great yellow tiger babies this year as well!

The male we used was El Tigre, a brilliant yellow crested geckos with black tiger stripes from AC Reptiles.

Yellow Tiger Crested Gecko

El Tigre

In 2010, we bred him to three females, only one of which was a yellow tiger of similar quality with orange/red stripes. We learned a bit about crested gecko genetics from these pairings, but we decided to only pair El Tigre with Zest in 2011 and 2012 to focus entirely on yellow tigers in this project. The genetics are pretty strong, and only tigers have been produced, with varying shades of yellow or orange and one that’s remained olive. The black tiger stripes tend to dominate the red tiger stripes, so it would be interesting to find a yellow tiger male with red stripes to pair with Zest.

Yellow Tiger Crested Gecko Female


This pair have had several offspring, with new eggs still coming and some still incubating. As they develop, we’re taking noteĀ of any orange stripes. It appears that black is dominant, but we’ve been holding back to see if this changes as they mature.

Yellow Tiger Crested Gecko Offspring (Tigre X Zest)

Yellow Tiger Crested Gecko Juvenile


Yellow Tiger Crested Gecko Juvenile


Yellow Tiger Crested Gecko Juvenile


More to come as new eggs hatch! We are very excited with the yellow crested gecko babies from El Tigre and Zest!