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A list of articles by Moon Valley Reptiles. Most are about diet & genetics in crested geckos, but there are some general reptile posts as well!

Reptile Nutrition
A comprehensive guide to feeding your pet reptile, focusing on varied diet and proper supplementation.

The 5 Worst Reptile Substrates
Substrate, or bedding, for your reptile enclosure should be safe, free of dust, non-toxic, non-irritating, absorbent, and unlikely to cause impaction. Here are some of the worst choices for most reptiles.

Chlorinated Water
Not sure if your tap water is safe to use? What can you do to make it better? Here’s our guide to filtered, bottled, and specialty water for use with reptiles.

Menadione Synthetic Vitamin K?
The question of menadione bisulfate complex has caused some questions. This will help users decide whether or not to feed foods with MBSC to their pets.

Polydactyl Reptiles (Crested Geckos)
What does it mean if your crested gecko has more than 5 toes on its foot? Find out if these geckos are healthy and breedable.

Reptile Pets
Is a reptile the right pet for you? Weigh the pros and cons of the different species and types.

Finding a Reptile Pet Sitter
Vacations or business travel shouldn’t make you nervous. How to find and prep your critter sitter when you go out of town for a weekend, a week, or longer.

Choosing A Crested Gecko (Frugivore) Food
Frugivores like crested geckos have unique feeding challenges. What do you need to look for in the expanding gecko food market? This article will help.

Reptiles & Ants
Read about the danger that the tiniest ant can pose to reptiles who can’t escape from their mobile armies. Find out how you can protect your caged pets from these pests.

Reptiles & Cats
Cats are predators, and they can see any critter smaller than them as possible prey. Even if they just want to play with your gecko, their games can be deadly.

Changes in the Rhacodactylus Genus

Tuataras: Something to Chew On!
Learn about these interesting and endangered reptiles from New Zealand!

Highlights from the 2011 Gecko Symposium
Information shared at the Exo Terra 2011 forum dedicated to geckos. Philippe de Vosjoli and Allen Repashy present the geckos of New Caledonia.

Choosing Repashy Products
Whether you need a complete diet, a supplement or a hatching medium, we have the Repashy products you need.

Common Feeder Insects
Nutritional data on common feeder insects and other invertebrates. Which are staple feeders and which ones are occasional treats?

Cricket Virus Types and New Cricket Species as Feeders
Crickets aren’t the same as they used to be. Find out the scoop on the safety of the commercial cricket supply and home culturing options.

Bissell Steam Shot Review
A novel way of cleaning gecko enclosures, the Bissell Steam Shot can be a useful tool for a busy herper.

Crested Gecko Incubation Length and Hatchling Weight
A brief discussion on incubation and crested gecko hatchling weight. How does temperature influence incubation time?

Building a Uromastyx Garden 4-Part Series
What type of plants are good for Uromastyx and other reptiles that can be grown in the desert Southwest?

My Crested Gecko’s Not Eating!
Need some help with a picky eater? Find out if you should worry about your crested gecko may not be eating.

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  1. I was looking for tips on the crested I was handed as a rescue. I am good with reptiles and all animals. But have questions about the morph.

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