Crested Geckos

We have a variety of crested geckos for sale! We are currently downsizing some of our holdbacks and are ready to send out depending on shipping weather. We have a number of baby, juvenile and adult flames, harlequins, partial pinstripes and other morphs. Although we primarily breed from March to September, we often release former holdback geckos for sale online throughout the year. Local Arizona pickup or US shipping within the contiguous 48 states as weather allows. We do not ship crested geckos internationally at this time.

Availability update: New geckos posted as of April 2015! They include adult males, females, breeding pairs, sub-adults and juveniles. Many full & high percentage pinstripes are now available!

Please be sure to read our Terms of Service if you are interested in any of the geckos we have for sale! If you have any questions on how to buy online, please use the contact form on our About page to contact us.

Hot Weather Alert: Arizona is experiencing 90+ degree weather. This may keep us from shipping out immediately. Shipping weather may not return until mid-October. We can put an animal on hold so you don’t miss out!

Local pickups not affected.

If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area please let us know if you would like to buy a crested gecko below or if you are interested in a particular type (pattern, trait, morph, etc) not listed here.

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Adult Crested Geckos

Our adult and sub-adult crested geckos are over 15 grams and sexable. Some of our grow-outs & former holdbacks from previous years. A good choice for those just getting into reptiles as they are less delicate than baby crested geckos.

Full & Partial Pinstripes

  • RC #1 (male)

    Price: $175.00 Out of stock
  • RC #2 (male)

    Price: $125.00 Out of stock
  • Bastard (Female)

    Price: $250.00 Out of stock
  • RC #4 (Female)

    Price: $200.00 Out of stock
  • Pocahontas (Male)

    Price: $125.00 Out of stock

Crested Gecko Pairs

From time to time, we will have breeding pairs available.

Juvenile Unsexed Crested Geckos

Baby crested geckos offer you the experience of raising a young gecko into an adult, watching it develop and preparing you for future babies from your own collection if you wish to breed. Also, unsexed baby crested geckos give you a chance of buying a female for a lot less money than for an adult, sex-able animal. Although crested geckos are a very hardy species, babies are a bit more delicate so be sure to read our crested gecko care sheet.

We do not guarantee female until after 15 grams. Some may be listed as “possible/probable” females if no pores are present after 10 grams. If pores are present, we mark as “possible male”. Patterning on the underside of a gecko can make it more difficult to determine pores.

  • Bumble

    Price: $125.00 Out of stock
  • Skora

    Price: $150.00 Out of stock

Tigers & Patternless

We are no longer breeding tigers, but we may have some available from time to time. Take a look at the parents of our tiger crested geckos from our Yellow Tiger Project.

Flames & Harlequins

Our flame and harlequin crested geckos for sale come from various projects, including our Pinstripe and Tricolor lines.


We have a couple of baby pinners we are raising up and will be available soon. Check out our Pinstripe Crested Gecko Project for pics of the parents!

Recently Sold Crested Geckos

Some of our geckos that have gone off to new homes!

  • RC #11 (Female)

    Price: $225.00 Out of stock
  • RC #3 (Female)

    Price: $275.00 Out of stock
  • RC #6 (Female)

    Price: $175.00 Out of stock
  • C.T.

    Price: $75.00 Out of stock
  • Roflcopter

    Price: $75.00 Out of stock
  • Rumfort

    Price: $100.00 Out of stock
  • Roy

    Price: $100.00 Out of stock
  • Sharknado

    Price: $115.00 Out of stock
  • RC #14 (poss. male)

    Price: $110.00 Out of stock
  • RC #8

    Price: $100.00 Out of stock
  • Jambo

    Price: $150.00 Out of stock
  • Cajun

    Price: $100.00 Out of stock
  • Oingo

    SOLD: $90

  • Blanket

    SOLD: $90

  • Frito

    SOLD: $80

  • Zanzibar

    SOLD: $65

  • Zimbabwe

    SOLD: $65

  • Tex-Mex

    SOLD: $100

  • Kielbasa (Male)

    SOLD: $65

  • Watchy (Male)

    SOLD: $45

  • Weeboo (Male)

    SOLD: $65

  • T-brain (Male)

    SOLD: $75

  • Jabber

    SOLD: $90

  • Ruffle

    SOLD: $100

  • Momo (poss. male)

    SOLD: $75

  • Whatsabeiber

    SOLD: $50

  • Mork (poss. male)

    SOLD: $100

  • Boingo

    SOLD: $85

  • McJingles

    SOLD: $65

  • Liger

    SOLD $65

  • First

    SOLD: $50

  • Jibber

    SOLD: $90

  • Pocket (Female)

    SOLD: $100

  • Stolon

    SOLD $100

  • Pillow

    SOLD $65

  • Sacagawea

    SOLD: $150

  • Sunspot (Male)

    SOLD: $125

  • Watchy 2 (Female)

    Adult Female Olive Crested Gecko from
    Adult Female Olive Crested Gecko from
    SOLD: $120

  • Bro-J Simpson (F)

    SOLD: $120.00

  • Jolly Pat

    SOLD: $100.00

  • Jefro (Female)

    SOLD: $150.00

  • L-Ron McKenzie (M)

    SOLD: $150.00

  • Fry (Male)

    SOLD: $125.00

  • Candygram (Female)

    SOLD: $175.00

  • Spotso (Male)

    SOLD: $125.00

  • Aileron (Male)

    SOLD: $150.00

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