Moon Valley Reptiles is excited to offer complete MistKing misting systems, as well as many parts and accessories, to local Arizona residents and online shoppers!

We carry the following MistKing products:
Ultimate Value Misting System, $189.99
MistKing Starter Misting System $99.99
MistKing Timers, Tubes, Parts & Accessories

We strive to use the best products available for all of our reptiles, and have found MistKing to be the most reliable automatic mister systems for reptiles and amphibians. In turn, we want to offer these products to our customers who want professional, naturalistic setups for their terrariums and vivariums. These systems are able to support multiple tanks for hobbyists and professionals alike.

The Ultimate Value Misting System comes with the items necessary to get your reptile‚Äôs tank set up with top of the line nozzles, pumps, tubing and valves. No dripping or noise! Parts are custom manufactured specifically for MistKing systems and eliminate the need for off-the shelf parts of a Do-It-Yourself mister. No time is wasted in retro-fitting a homemade system or upgrading a basic product that can’t support the additional features you want for easy reptile tank maintenance.

Not sure if MistKing is right for you? Check out our FAQ for more information on the hardware and features. If you need help setting up your MistKing mister, we’ve provided installation guides and tutorials.

These misters are compatible with Exo Terra and ZooMed reptile cages, but may require a few slight modifications if you want to place the nozzles inside the tanks. Please see the guides for details.

4 thoughts on “MistKing

  1. Do you guys by chance have a large capacity misting pump? I am looking to get the pump, 3/8 tubing and some fittings to connect to a 1/4″ system, as well as a zip drip. I am located in Tucson. Thanks!

  2. Do you have these in stock? 4-value T double misting assemblys. 1 value L double misting assembly. 2-value 1/4 in. elbows. 1 value 1/4 in. female union. 1-10 micron sediment filter. 30 ft.- 1/4 black tubing Thanks.

    • Hi John! We do not currently have the misting assemblies. We don’t have the sediment filter or the 1/4 female union piece. We have plenty of tubing and some of the little elbows.

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