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  1. I currently am new to this scene lol. I have currently a veiled cham and a crestie baby. I bought the monsoon rains 400 and recently the reservoir has depleted over the week end and dumped so kick water into my tank and cage. I do not know why I was referred to you guys by a friend of mine how I’m just curious is the set up with you guy mor complicated the monsoon and up to how many tanks can I mist with your product and do does it looks pressure?

  2. I haven’t used a Monsoon personally, but I think the MistKing setup is pretty easy. I know from listening to a lot of other people who have tried both that MistKing is more reliable, and very importantly it doesn’t break if the reservoir runs dry.

    In several years of use, the only time I’ve had it put out more water than I wanted was when I set the timer wrong.

    MistKing systems can run 10, 20 or 70+ nozzles from one pump, depending on which pump you buy.

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