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If you want to expand your current MistKing system, we have the extra parts and accessories you need for a complete, multiple-tank vivarium setup! Parts include tubing, tube connectors, adjustable assembly pieces, replacement nozzles, Zip-drip valves, bulkheads & more.

The MistKing misting assembly pieces are adjustable nozzles that allow you to direct the spray wherever its needed within the tank. The T nozzles allow you to connect two pieces of tubing. The L nozzle assemblies are stand-alone adjustable spray heads. The replacement nozzles fit into any of the assembly pieces. Use the elbows and other tube joiners to splice together your tubing for multiple tanks or additional spray stations in the same tank.

Value T Misting Assembly

Price: $14.25 Out of stock

Value L Misting Assembly

Price: $14.25 Out of stock

Value T Double Assembly

Price: $18.99 Out of stock

Value L Double Assembly

Price: $18.99 Out of stock

Value T Quad Assembly

Price: $32.99 Out of stock

Value L Quad Assembly

Price: $32.99 Out of stock

Value Double Converter

Price: $8.25 Out of stock

1/4" Tubing

Price: $0.35

Value 1/4" Tee

Price: $2.49

Value 1/4" Elbow

Price: $2.49

Value 1/4" Plug In Tee

Price: $2.49

Value 1/4" Plug In Elbow

Price: $2.49 Out of stock

Value 1/4" Y Union

Price: $2.49

Value 1/4" Bulkhead

Price: $3.49 Out of stock

Value 1/4" Ball Valve

Price: $4.15

Screen Top Wedge

Price: $5.99

Drip Reduced Nozzles

Price: $3.29 Out of stock

MistKing ZipDrip Valve

Price: $24.99

MistKing Seconds Timer

Price: $29.95

8 thoughts on “Parts & Accessories

  1. im looking for a fitting that go’s on the pump. heres the picture. Hope you have it. Please call 510 435 7176

    • Hey your image didn’t come through, we’d love to be able to help you if you can re-post it with a working link. Thanks!

  2. Hello I think i’m looking for the same piece Robert was above. The part you attach the water tube to the actual pump.

    There is a link to the broken part and the piece it came off of.

    As well as that 1 piece i’m looking for 2 of the little rubber inserts that attach to the bottom of the pump to reduce the shake noise or when mounting it for protection from the metal base.
    I cant post a link to the rubber pieces as well if you don’t know what pieces i mean.
    Thanks so much
    Jared Garcia

  3. twenty dollars to ship a couple replacement valve tips, are you kidding me? those will fit in an envelope and ship for a dollar.

    • Hi Justin!

      Perhaps you selected a different shipping method? Our standard shipping is $4.99 on everything except live animals, which need to be shipped FEDEX overnight. Please let us know if you experience any other issues.


  4. Hi, I would like to buy some parts from you:
    I want to pay with paypal. I’m in Poland now, but would like you to ship it to a US address (43023, Hilliard, OH).
    Please let me know if that’s possible, as I don’t see any “Ship to address” to fill in during placing the order. All I see is “My Cart” value $70.97 with the shipping cost $4.99.
    Next step is checkout and payment with paypal. Don’t see any ship to address to put though.

    please advise, thank you

  5. I have a problem with air getting back into the system somehow. I’ve replaced all the lines, even though I can’t detect a leak. Do you think it’s possible it has to do with the zipdrip valve? If so, it would be cheaper to replace that than go through warranty through Europe.

    • The quickest way to check is to remove the ZipDrip temporarily and see if that fixes the problem. We’ve never had that issue and we do use the ZipDrips. Have you checked the fittings on the pump?

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