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Moon Valley Reptiles is proud to begin offering Repashy Superfoods products, including many flavors of Repashy Crested Gecko Diet! We have always used the gecko food and supplements ourselves, and now we are excited to be able to offer them to our customers as well. For local pick-up in the Phoenix area and shipment in-state or across the country! Sorry, no international orders on CGD or other foods at this time.

Repashy Crested & Day Gecko Diet

Repashy Crested Gecko Diet is a complete meal replacement powder, with no other food source necessary for your gecko, although dusted bugs can be included as part of a varied feeding schedule. Repashy CGD also works well with other frugivorous geckos, including Mourning Geckos (Lepidodactylus lugubris) and other Rhacodactylus, Phelsuma and Gekko species. CGD can also be used as a balanced diet or supplement for other fruit-eating reptiles, such as anoles, skinks, chameleons and iguanas.

Repashy Crested Gecko Diet (Original) – New & Improved Version 3!

3 oz Jar
Price: $8.99 Out of stock
6 oz Jar
Price: $13.99 Out of stock
16 oz Bag
Price: $21.99 Out of stock
64 oz Bag
Price: $59.99 Out of stock
The Original Crested Gecko Diet is the staple product for thousands of Crested Geckos around the world. The flavor of the Original CGD is Strawberry Banana, very appetizing for fruit-eating reptiles! To feed your geckos, simply mix the powder with water to create a paste of milkshake consistency. CGD is a balanced gecko food but can be used as part of a varied diet of insects and fruit treats

Repashy Day Gecko Diet (Fig and Cherry)

4 oz Bag
Price: $9.49 Out of stock
16 oz Bag
Price: $21.99 Out of stock
64 oz Bag
Price: $59.99 Out of stock
The Repashy Day Gecko diet is designed for all Fruit-Eating Geckos, including Phelsuma, Crested Geckos and all Rhacodactylus species. The flavor is Cherry & Fig, a sweeter blend than other CGD varieties but with the same balanced nutrition. A preferred food for picky eaters!

Repashy Supplements


4 oz Bag
Price: $9.49 Out of stock
The Repashy Super Veggie supplement provides essential vitamins and minerals when added to fresh greens fed to reptile herbivores. Perfect for Uromastyx, Tortoises and Iguanas; Bearded Dragons also benefit when greens are a part of their diet.

Calcium Plus

4 oz Bag
Price: $9.49
Calcium Plus (formerly Repashy ICB) is an “All-in-One” insect dust that provides essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Turn an insect treat into a well-balanced meal! Calcium Plus increases the nutritional value of insect feeders and creates an optimal calcium-to-phosphorus ratio. Appropriate for all reptile insectivores.

RescueCal +

5.3 oz Bag
Price: $15.99 Out of stock
Repashy RescueCal Plus is a an easily absorbed, concentrated calcium supplement fortified with magnesium for maximum calcium uptake. When dissolved in water, RescueCal becomes a liquid calcium supplement which can be added to food or dropper-fed in emergency situations, such as a calcium crash. Can also be provided dry in a calcium dish for free-feeding to prevent calcium deficiency. Includes calcium lactate gluconate and magnesium gluconate which are highly bio-available. Makes 1/2 Liter.


Breeding Supplies

64 oz Bag
Price: $9.99 Out of stock
Repashy SuperHatch is an advanced incubation medium allowing easy moisture monitoring. Because it changes color when dry, adding water only when needed avoids excess moisture or dryness as moisture is continually released from the ceramic clay pieces. SuperHatch can be reused indefinitely and is easily sterilized with boiling water at the end of each breeding season. 64 ounces will fit a 6 quart incubation tub.

If you are having trouble with the shopping cart or you have any questions about the Repashy Superfoods products, please contact us.

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    • Superveggie contains calcium, so you don’t need an extra source. However, I also like to give Miner-all Indoor formula 2x a week to growing Uros, 1x a week for adults just for the extra trace elements. SuperVeggie is safe to use every day if you have a UVB bulb. If you aren’t providing UV you’ll want an additional dietary supplement of vitamin D3 – such as Repashy Med-D – once or twice a week.

    • We cannot currently ship the CGD outside of the United States due to it being labeled as food/animal feed. Let us look into South Africa specifically, and we’ll see if it is possible. Thanks for inquiring! We’ll be in touch.

  2. Hi, I recently just bought a baby crested gecko. He’s my first gecko I’ve ever had. I’m not exactly sure what is the best diet for him. Right now, I currently am feeding him an all cricket diet.

    I’ve got set dates to dust the crickets for him. I’m not entirely sure what Is the best diet for him is. I’ve been told I can feed him raspberries, bananas and crickets are good for him. That’s what the business was feeding him and he seemed happy. But I’m not sure that its all good for him. I’ve been reading up on it but it says your supposed to give a good all around diet but I’m not sure what exactly to feed him.

    Please help!! Thank you!!

    • The short answer is, we recommend and use Repashy and Pangea brand products. They both come in a variety of flavors so if you have a picky eater, you’ll be able to find something he enjoys. An all cricket diet is unsuitable long term because they have specialized nutritional needs. We advise feeding crickets once a week and give 3-4 feedings of a commercial diet per week. This is generally every other night. In the winter we go longer between feedings as they are not as active. Bugs are an optional part of the diet if you are feeding a good brand of food. You can read more about types of food here: We have a lot of articles on feeding & nutrition :)

      Good luck!

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