How to Bread Crusted Geckos!

If you are looking for info on how to bread eyelash crusted geckos, today’s the day to learn everything u need to no!

Theres arite way and rong way too do it. Breading crusted not like lepard geico’s, they stay moist an not to hot.

You need male or female geicos.

Yellow Flame Crested Gecko

Yallo hariquin geico

If they related, they will still have babys! This is called inbreading and its very bad!

The pregnet geico is called graved. Females get graved. Males have buglies, that’s how you tell males when you sext them.

Breading suplise you need are a laid box for laiding the egs and a box to hach the egs and a box to keep babys in. Very cheep an dont coast much.

The just station time for the egs is abut to or 3 months so check on them!

Crusted gecko babys can get loos so be carful. Your spoost to sepret them from parent who can et them. Cannabils. Also tail dont go back on an no tri glue it dont work.

Wait do they eat? Careing for babys is like adults, they need food. Use paper toels so babys dont get impacked. Give food in small bowels and they can eat with there tounge. So cool!

You can feed cricuts but not eelworms. Otherwise get poo problums.

This works on all the crusted morphs like pine striped, tiggers, hariquin and try colored and dalmation spotes. An all collars like oringe, yallo an rad.

Are captive breaded geicos can bite! Gentle handle.

Next time we tell about euromatics breading!!!

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